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How many of you have seen what mari has done to his site? Check it out here if you missed it. I'd appreciate it if you read what I have to say first.

Yeah, I know, it's mariteaux, how scary, what a mean guy! And yep, he's really harsh on these articles. He insults people's art, people's writing. All sorts of stuff. Maybe that's not the way I'd go about it but it's not like I have any choice on the matter. It's what he wrote, not what I'd write.

What I'd like you to pay attention to, especially on the article on Bugland/Cheren, is the logs. Because that's the main thing I would've focused on if I was writing these articles. It's what I pay the most attention to when looking at these people.

I don't really know what to say at this point, I know a few of you at least aren't going to believe me. Or him. Especially him. But I was there, watching this nonsense unfold. The owlman stuff is all true, the bugland stuff is all true. He's been debating posting this stuff for a while now, but, it's out now. Make of it what you will.

I don't even know what people think of me anymore. Am I still a victim? Am I also a villain now? Am I forgotten? I don't know what my word is worth here anymore but I might as well try. Maybe someone trusts me a little more than they trust mari. Who knows.

But, if neo sees this, or cheren sees this, or hell, if owlman sees this. You know it's real, you know that you did this.

Fuck it, mostly talking to cheren at this point. What I saw was awful, dude. You said some vile, vile stuff. Stuff that shouldn't be said to anyone, let alone your partner. It was the weirdest, most surreal thing watching that happen. And I didn't see most of it until mari was going through his DMs with neo to gather evidence. If this post lets even one person see through your fake nice persona, then I'm happy. Because I can't look at anything you said the same way anymore.

If any of you were there, you might remember me, neo and cheren "fight somewhat" as neo put it on miacities. If by fight you mean neo dropping dox on mari, then threatening me when he realised what kind of logs I have access to.

They're out now, so you're welcome to come "talk one on one". Next time you're in the country, perhaps.

I think I've been really positive about neocities, gushed about it a couple times. I still appreciate the site a little, let me learn html more, let me talk to people, meet new people, meet mari. And mostly, it's just site hosting, so, I can't really hate it. But there's vile people on here. People who've dirtied the experience for me. My only advice for newcomers? Uh, stay out of the discord servers.

I could probably ramble for a couple more paragraphs but it's late and I've been hearing about this all day, thinking about it a whole lot, so I'm leaving it for now. I'm low on energy, just kind of melting into my chair. It absolutely sucks knowing that people hate a guy enough to try and explain away evidence of abuse. Read the goddamn article again. Hope all you nice people are having a good day, at least.


- Capy

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