Fursona Questions

Stolen from here. Thanks to Carrot!

1) their first design vs. current design
capybara vs. capybara

2) why are they your fursona?
it's me, but capybara

3) whats different between you and your fursona?
I am not a capybara

4) their theme song
doo doo doo doo doo-doo-doo doo doo

5) give them a canon voice!
..my voice??

6) what does your fursona love and hate?
loves: what I love
hates: what I hate

7) their body type vs. yours
the same, hindered only by my ability to draw it

8) how strong is your connection to your fursona?
it's me, but capybara

9) is your fursona shipped with someone elses character? if so, who?

10) who/what is your fursona based off of?
me, a capybara

11) do you wish your fursona was real?
I am real

12) how much did you spend on art for them so far?
none, I draw that biche

13) where would your fursona live if they were real?
in my house

14) have you ever sold/traded them before?

15) their favorite holiday
my favourite holiday

16) pick a movie character they relate to most!

17) pick another fictional character they relate to!

18) when were they born (created)?
I have no idea but my first upload of capy was on September 3, 2017, so

19) who is their best friend?

20) did you create them?

21) their favorite season
my favourite season

22) do you have a fursuit of them? if not, do you want one?
no, and no. but if I did it'd be one of those weird, hyper-realisitc ones so I can creep around in the forest being a cryptid

23) how long have they been your fursona?
since September 3, 2017, like I said

24) how many times have they been redesigned/altered?
uh once, I think

25) their favorite restaurant
borger mountain

26) do they have any phobias?

27) name one thing people forget when drawing them
all of the drawings of them so far have been accurate and good. uwu

28) favorite art piece of them

29) do they represent you or a part of you?
that's the point of a fursona so yes

30) tell me one fun fact of them!
uhhhh eats brie