Part Two: I Love You And I Know You Love Me

By: Emily Entwistle

Mike was looking through the closet, trying to find his hat with buttons on it. He was blown into Micky's drumset by a strong wind! "Pete! Davy! I think it's happenin' again!" he screamed. Peter and Davy came racing down the stairs. (Micky was alone at the beach.) Mike was greeted with open arms by Rachel. "Mike! I missed you, babe."

"That's putting it lightly," said Emily as she walked into - "PETER!!!"

And Sarah and Davy just hugged and kissed until they both turned blue in the face. Kimi, cautious instead of zany, came through and looked around.

"Where's Micky?" she asked.

"He's down at the beach," answered Peter, after being smothered by Emily's hugs.

"Oh," Kimi answered. "Do you guys still have our swimsuits and old clothes? I think I'll go to the beach."

"Sure," said Mike, with Rachel hanging onto him as if for dear life. "They're in the dresser in your guys' room."

"Thanks!" said Kimi as she ran off to get changed.

Micky kicked some stones on the beach, feeling dejected and all alone. He looked up ahead, thought his mind he'd blown: walking down the beach was Kimi! "Kimi! Is that really you?" He ran up to her and then ran his fingers through her blonde hair. "Oh my my, Kimi! I've just missed you so much! I was afraid you didn't want me, I thought that I didn't love you, but I know that I did. Thank heavens you've come!" He was near tears.

Kimi almost started to cry herself, "Micky, I never knew that you felt that way, 'cause God, I did. Hun, I've missed you just as much, if not more!" With that, the "new" couple walked back to the pad, hand in hand. Micky and Kimi couldn't stop smiling, even if they wanted to.

"Tell me, hun," started Davy.

"Tell you what?" teased Sarah.

"Well," Davy tried again, "you know that I love you, right? Well, how would you like a candlelit dinner, just the two of us?"

Sarah seethed with joy. "I'd love it! Say, 7?"

Davy agreed, and then said, "And a movie after? This'll be great!" The two walked along, singing and holding hands. What a great date!

Rachel and Mike were walking around town, seeing whatever was going on. They ducked into the Vincent Van Gogh-Gogh, and sat down at a table. "So, uh," began Mike, "how are things back home?"

"I don't know," answered Rachel, "I've only been back for a few hours!"

Mike, a little taken aback, laughed and said, "You know I meant the year 2000! So, really, how were things?"

"Well, I really don't know. I haven't been able to really do much of anything but think of you. I'm failing in my photography career. Maybe I could take a few photos of you guys? You know, publicity shots." Rachel truthfully answered.

"Sure, that'd be cool!" replied Mike. The two love birds walked home.

Peter and Emily were, as usual, alone. "So, how are things with your family?" asked Peter, oh-so-politely.

"Well, my mom and dad are fine, and so is my sister, Katie. But I do feel kinda bad about leaving her there, 'cause I know that she likes you guys too. But I don't know if I should tell her; she might cause some problems: She also likes Mike. But I think she said that she likes some band called 'The Who'. Do you guys know them?" Emily said.

Peter replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty good friends with John Entwhistle and Pete Townshend. Sometimes we like to jam together." Emily felt relieved.

"Okay! Next time, I'll bring her with us. She'll be so happy to see Roger Daltrey!"

That night, around seven, Davy and Sarah went to dinner at a beautiful, five-star restaurant with a nice view. After that, they went to see the "new" Elvis film, "Double Trouble". They both liked it very much, although it was a little cheesy. (It *was* an Elvis flick.)

"Sarah," started Davy, "you are the most incredibly sweet, caring, and overall beautiful person that I have ever met. I couldn't live without you. So many times have I said these three words to other girls, but without the meaning being there, but this time, I honestly mean it. Sarah, I love you."

Sarah was so overcome with sheer joy and shock that she barely managed to say, "Oh, Davy, I love you too!" And in that instant, Sarah began to cry.

The next day, everyone was just chilling at the pad. Micky pulled Mr. Schneider's string. He said, " 'When I was at home, I was in a better place; but travelers must be content.' " Everyone stared at Mr. Schneider. To choose that particular Shakespeare quote at that particular moment was as if he were alive! Everyone, upon thinking this, burst out into hysterical laughter. He was just a dummy! Or was he? [DRAMATIC CLASSICAL MUSIC TO BE INSERTED HERE] (Besides, that is another story!)

That afternoon, the ganf of eight cruised on down to the Vincent Van Gogh-Gogh. A cool new band called the Box Tops were playing. After they had finished their set, Mike commented, "Hey, they weren't that bad."

"Yeah," added Peter, "I liked that last song of theirs, 'The Letter'." They sat there in a peaceful silence that only friends and lovers know, and then headed back to the pad. Things seemed so perfect here.

A few days later, Micky got a notice in the mail. He was being drafted for the Vietnam war! Kimi couldn't believe what she was reading. Rachel, Kimi, and Emily started to cry, and Sarah and the Monkees were all very upset. If Micky could be drafted, what about Mike, Peter, and even Davy, who'd been in the country for over seven years? How could Micky get out of this? Micky said, "Don't worry, nothing can happen to me. I had Perthese disease as a child, they won't be able to take me!" This relieved everyone, temporarily. After he came back from his screening, Micky told a tale of horror: "I'm '1A'. " Things were so tense, all eight of them jumped every time the phone rang.

Finally, in a few more days Micky got another notice in the mail: He was 4F because he was too skinny! Everyone rejoiced as their main concern whittled down to a minor setback. But it made the girls realize that the 60's were not just a time of peace and love; war was, as always, surrounding it all.

Again came the time when the MCW girls had to return. This time, however, it was even harder to leave because now they all knew that they were loved. Sadly, the Monkees started to play "Hold On, Girl" after they had been hugged (and Davy kissed by Sarah) goodbye. "We'll miss you, " tearfully shouted Rachel. As hard as this all was, the girls managed to leave. This time, though, teardrops were chafing the eyes of the Monkees.


As usual, the girls came home in time to hear "Your Auntie Grizelda" . But this time, the girls just smiled instead of crying.

Rachel again started to see beauty in the things of 2000. She took beautiful pictures of nature. Her teacher told her, "You've got it back!" Rachel had a secret to this: She just imagined that she saw Mike Nesmith wherever she took a picture.

Still avoiding suspicion, Sarah listened to "You and I" whenever she needed to calm down. Her parents asked her why she didn't have any boyfriends like she used to. Sarah told them to mind their own buisness. She didn't need one of her father's lectures. They had no idea that she didn't want a boyfriend, because she loved Davy more than anyone.

Emily wrote fantastic "fiction" stories about her life with Peter, because she was majoring in English Writing. Her friend Tiffany asked Emily how she got so good. Emily weakly replied, "My mom liked to write. I guess I got it from her." What Tiffany and the others would never know, however, that the "fiction" was pure and simple truth.

Kimi, however, was starting to act, well...a little scary. She started asking her mommy and daddy, "What happened to the Indian?" and "Who really killed J.F.K.?" She started to curl her hair into an afro like Micky's. Whenever she got surprised, she now said, "Oh my my." She even got one of those "tablecloth" things that Micky wears and started to wear that! Emily realized that it was time to straighten Kimi's hair, leave the tablecloth on the table, and go back.

Once in Emily's room, the four girls prepared all they needed. "Hold On, Girl" was about to come on. Emily yelled, "Katie, would you come here for a second?" Katie walked in just as Sarah flung open the closet door.

"Yeah, wha-" She was sucked through with the rest.


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