Part Three: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?

By: Emily Entwistle

Davy paced around nervously, like a caged tiger. The girls were due back today. The colors and wind once again returned, and Davy opened it and stepped to the side. Out piled Sarah, Emily, Rachel, Kimi, and - "Who are you?" asked Davy, clearly suspicious.

"Davy," started Emily, "this is my older sister, Katie. Katie, these are the Monkees."

Katie laughed, "Good joke, Em! I'll tell you, these look-alikes are great!"

Micky looked confused. "Look-alikes?" After a couple of seconds, Katie fainted.

"Here we go again," sighed Mike.

Half an hour later, Katie woke up. She was in the pad! "Mike!" she screamed. She ran up to him and planted a huge kiss on him. Mike was very surprised, and just at that moment, Rachel walked in.

"Rach-" started Mike, but Rachel had run out of the pad and onto the beach. Oh no, he thought. The one girl I really loved, and now she's gone. Katie decided to walk to where Peter and Emily were.

"Emily!" shouted Katie. "I kissed Mike - "

"You kissed Mike?! Oh, I knew this would happen! Couldn't you see that Rachel loves Mike and Mike loves Rachel? Katie, how thick are you??!!"

Katie looked upset, and Peter said, "Katie, come with me and Emily. I wanna show you somethin'." They followed him out the door.

Peter, Emily, and Katie walked into a little club. The Who were playing. They broke, and Peter introduced Roger Daltrey to Katie. Katie flipped out and said, "O, he doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems he hangs upon the cheek of night, As a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear, Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!"

Roger, right on cue, answered, " 'The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet', Act I, Scene V."

Katie screamed, "You ARE perfect!" Peter and Emily left, leaving Katie to spend the day with the Who.

Kimi and Micky walked along. He still hadn't kissed her. What was he waiting for? "Micky," pondered Kimi, "why haven't you kissed me yet?"

"Gee, I don't know...why?" asked Micky. Their lips pressed together with so much love and she tasted the salty sweetness of his lips and the fresh ocean air. Kimi sighed and said,

"Oh... I guess it was worth waiting for...hmm..."

Sarah and Davy were cruising around in the Monkeemobile. "Hey," thought Sarah, "I could get used to driving this." They just drove together peacefully. She was glad that she had Davy, or should she say, he had her. Something about them seemed just right, and it always had.

Davy didn't know if this was okay; after all, they were both still young, but, "Sarah, will you marry me?" Sarah pulled the car over.

They were so young, but she loved Davy so much, "Yes, yes Davy! Yes, Davy, I will marry you!" They kissed and were barely able to drive home.

"Rachel!" shouted Mike as he ran across the sand. "Rachel! Where are you? I love you! Rachel!" She sadly walked over, not making eye contact with him.

"Why did you kiss her? We haven't even kissed yet. If there still is a 'we.'"

Mike held her arms, causing her to look at him in the eyes. "Hun, she kissed me, and I was waiting for the right time. Can't you see that I love you? I wouldn't leave you for anything in the world. I'm heartbroken every time you leave, and joyous every time you return. You are the world to me."

Rachel started to cry, and Mike held her. "I didn't realize - "

"Shh... Rachel, will you... will you marry me?"

When everyone (except for Katie) was home, Sarah called everyone together. "Guys... I'm engaged! Meet the soon-to-be Mrs. Davy Jones!"

"Oh my God! I'm the soon to be Mrs. Michael Nesmith!" Rachel annnounced.

"Two engagements in one day? Wow!" exclaimed Peter. (How did they get the money for one engagement ring, let alone two?) Again they laughed, but out of sheer joy.

Katie walked into the pad. "I'm the soon-to-be Mrs. Roger Daltrey!!!"

Emily looked surprised. "Aren't you two rushing it a bit?"

"Nope." answered Katie.

And they left it at that.

Again, a month quickly passed, as months often do. And this time the girls really didn't want to go back. With three out of the five engaged, this was going to be so hard. The five girls talked amongst themselves. What were they to do? After a half an hour, they came to a decision. They went to the guys.

"Mike, Micky, Peter, and Davy, we're not leaving. We just can't. We have to stay here. Forever, and let the future take its own course," said Emily. They couldn't believe their ears. Smiles surrounded the room. Luck abounded.

In another month, Katie married Roger. Emily was the Maid of Honor, Sarah, Rachel, and Kimi were bridesmaids, and Pete Townshend was the Best Man. It was a lovely wedding, and the service was performed by Rev. Simpson. Things were great, and Katie pretty much left their lives, to live in London with her new husband.

Now the time was right for Peter and Emily. "Emily, I've really planned and thought this out. It's taken me a while. Love, will you marry me?"

Emily cried, "Yes!" while secretly thinking, What took him so long?

Micky and Kimi could feel the pressure. The walls were coming up around them. Everyone was either engaged or getting married. They took off for the beach, whose soothing, cooling waves never failed to calm them down. Something made them feel loved. It was each other. That was it.

Late that night, while everyone was sleeping, they stole the Monkeemobile and drove off. When everyone awoke, they were so nervous and worried. Where had they gone? They took the car? When would they be back? Luckily, the next day, Kimi and Micky came back. Married.

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