>I'll Spend My Life With You

Part Four: I'll Spend My Life With You

By: Emily Entwistle

"What d'ya mean you're MARRIED?!" exclaimed Mike.

"Well, we drove off and 'got hitched'! Isn't that great? She's now Mrs. Dolenz!" Micky happily chirruped.

"Wow," remarked Emily, so used to mimicking Peter's phrase that it became her own.

Rachel looked at Kimi. She still saw Kimi Timmons, not Kimi Dolenz. Things were definitely weird. Why hadn't Kimi wanted things to be the way the had always been, with the other three girls there? Maybe that was why she did it: the other three girls weren't there to tie her down and keep her from getting too wild. Different, as always.

Sarah looked at Kimi's hastily bought wedding/engagement ring. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "What a rock!" Even Sarah's own ring didn't have diamonds THAT big. Kimi couldn't stop smiling. The spotlight was on her now, not Rachel and Mike's troubles, Davy and Sarah's engagement, or Emily and Peter's perfectness. Her own time to shine, whether it mattered or not. ********************************************************************************


Micky woke up next to his wife, Trina. "What a weird dream," he thought. Kimi, Emily, Rachel, and Sarah had seemed so real. How could've a year's course taken place in only one night? The jealously, anger, fear, and love, all fragments of his imagination? It couldn't be!

He never forgot his dream. He even named one of his children Emily, after the girls' leader. Something powerful had overtaken him. As hard as he tried to put it out of his mind, he never could. They had to be real, yet they couldn't possibly be.

One day, while looking through his fanmail, a silver envelope stood out. Micky opened it up. It started out: "Hi Micky! I'm one of your biggest fans! I've loved you for so long. I have so many pictures of you and the Monkees! I'm now taking a college course in English Writing. My name is Emily Entwistle."
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